Lilac Dreams


Alexandria Art & Photography

Lilac dreams do come true. 

It was a perfect 72 degrees on Sunday. My friend and talented photographer Alex Crahan took me to Ewing Park and snapped my photos in front of the most beautiful lilac bushes I have ever seen. The smell was intoxicating and it was one of those days you'd wish would last forever. I kept saying, "Why can't it always just be this wonderful?" I'm so thankful that I got to hang out with Alex, and that she was able to artfully document just how perfect that spring day was. Even though the weather won't last forever, at least I have these photos to look back on and admire. Thank you so much Alex. You have such a gift and are so unique to your craft.




This purple dress was so lovely to prance around in! Best part: it will be for sale soon in Alex's new etsy shop! Be sure to check out Chautauqua Park Vintage. She has a seriously lovely collection for you to shop.


Underneath the purple rain                                  

Underneath the purple rain