Self Love Sessions


Often times, Raelyn Ramey and I have these ideas we have dreamed up inside our heads for months, before we actually execute them. We had this idea to offer bohemian-inspired boudoir mini sessions, with the theme centered around self love.  Our main goal being: inspire women to feel amazing in their own skin and empower them to be the bad ass babes they truly are. Last month we made our dreams a reality, and we got to meet some really, really amazing ladies.

Damn Gina...

Damn Gina...


We created a dreamy setting consisting of beautiful flowers, moody music, and champagne of course. It was SUCH an amazing weekend. We couldn't have asked for better weather. The sun was streaming through the tall open windows of my Sherman Hill apartment, offering up some gorgeous lighting for the dreamiest of photos. My cat Harry, for one, was soaking up the sun and the extra attention. :)


But let me tell you, this weekend was about more than just flower crowns and pretty pictures. These amazing women booked a Self Love Session for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they wanted to put themselves first for once. It was a chance for them to push all their troubles aside and just truly relish in their self love.

"I am mine, before anyone else's."

Props to Maggie for bringing this amazing shirt!! 

Props to Maggie for bringing this amazing shirt!! 

Babes Babes Babes

Self Love dream team:

Left to right: Raelyn, me, Marie, Brooke

Left to right: Raelyn, me, Marie, Brooke

The Self Love Sessions couldn't have happened without these talented ladies in my life. Raelyn killed it with the photos and designing the incredible boudoir books that each lady got to take home with them. Marie has always been my number one gal when it comes to makeup. There's nobody that I trust more with my face. Brooke drove all the way from Omaha to help me with the set up!! She brought tons of beautiful props and even pieces from her wardrobe for the sessions. Seriously, I will never take for granted how wonderful my friends are. I love you babes!!

Photography: Raelyn Ramey

MUA: Marie Tope

Props/styling: Brooke Monaco

Flower Crowns/styling: The Peachpolkadot/me :)


Thank you everyone SO MUCH for making this the weekend of our dreams.